A painful, embarrassing, helpful book.

That will make you feel human and normal again while you build your online business.

"I give it 5 stars. I know the book is not even finished yet, but it's epically intelligent, witty, and, raw."  --Regina's mom (who has not read the book)

  • A true behind-the-scenes look at how many failures it takes to make business magic.
  • A book that you get to help shape and direct as it's finished.
  • A collection of HARD business lessons, communicated through the true stories of one of the Internet's most expert experimenters.

Let me tell you about a crazy cool project with an insanely useful outcome that you can help create.

And I may have been trying a model stance in this picture.

Still unclear on that.

I'm Regina


So what is this book all about and who is writing it?

I am a professional writer turned online and offline teacher. And yes, for the last few years I've been making a full-time income through multiple books, courses, and events . . . but I've been failing a lot along the way. 

And in an Instagram world, where we only show white desks, gold staplers, and beautiful lattes, I thought it was a good idea to really illustrate just how many failures go into the business successes you see online.

I realize I could write a book about how I used to sleep on the floor* but eventually went on to launch online courses that made over $100,000 by themselves.

Or that I could write a book about having a -$1,600 bank account (yeah, it's possible to be that negative), but going on to publish a book that makes $30,000 per year by itself.

And all of these things would be true . . . but my "rags to riches" book might, at best, inspire you as much as all the other similar stories, which I'm certainly glad exist to inspire us . . . but I wanted to create something that tries to communicate the fullness of the "failures" that entrepreneurs, visionaries, artists, and creatives really go through.

*Note: I actually slept on an air mattress with a hole in it, so I only slept on the floor for like 90% of the night, after it had deflated.

So, I'm writing a book, week-by-week, and I'd love for you to help fund it and shape it with your feedback.

It Will Include Some Painful, Hilarious, Hard Failures and Lessons

Not in a sugary sweet, "Let's watch someone reframe her stories to make herself look amazing." way, but in a "Wow, another human messes up as terribly as I do." way.

You Will Learn How to Apply My #Fail Moments to Your Business

The book will directly relate to you and your work as you build an online business (coaching, freelancing, or selling information products).

You'll Receive Each Section as I Write It

And you'll be able to reply with your thoughts, feedback, or any points you want more clarity on. I'll be adding to each section based on your feedback to create the final chapters . . . which you will also get.


  • Each week (starting April 27) you will receive an email from me with new Hashtag Fail content (either audio or text).
  • You will be able to reply with your thoughts, ideas, questions, or feedback.
  • I'll use your responses to shape better final chapters.
  • When the book is finished, you'll receive a digital copy of it.
  • It will not just be all the same stuff I'm posting on Medium, but posts like this one do scratch the surface of what the book will do.
  • You'll be supporting a raw, creative work that will hopefully help tons of humans on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • The full book delivery estimate is August 2017, but keep in mind you'll be receiving it as I go, so you shouldn't be left waiting more than a week between chapters.
  • No guarantees are made on delivery of the materials, but it will be one of my primary goals over the next few months to consistently deliver you helpful, hilarious content.


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Get the book plus a very specific type of 1-on-1 session with me.

Receive the book, weekly, and support this cool project.



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I will come up with 10+ content ideas for you, 3+ product ideas, 3+ promotion ideas, and answers to all of your questions.


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